Innovations and Technologies

PetroServices Drilling Engineering

PetroServices Drilling Engineering can provide a whole range of drilling fluids solutions to most Operators Companies. We have an extensive infrastructure already established in Egypt and can bring to the table an enormous amount of local and international expertise in terms of operating requirements, drilling efficiencies and logistics support.

PSDE High Performance Water Base Mud (Inhibition system)

The inhibition nature of this system eliminates the hydration of shale which minimizes hole enlargement, bit & stabilizer balling, sloughing shale and reduction of permeability in productive zones.

PSDE Inhibition system is used to improve maximum hole stability by reducing formation pressure transmission and also for cuttings integrity, high rates of penetration, torque and drag reduction.

PSDE Advanced system includes a special blend of polymers in a liquid , specifically used as a replacement for KCL. It provides excellent shale and clay control and designed to provide filtration control and a supplementary moderate viscosity

The system also improves lubricity & fluid hydraulics.

PSDE Reservoir Engineering Systems (Microemulsion Clean up System)

PSDE create a high advance clean up system used to improve well production and bring back to life old oil wells as it can deal with all kinds of reservoir blockage such as water block, mud / crude block, emulsified crude and asphaltic blockage.

PSDE Microemulsion system used Diesel as Carrier for special blends of Surfactant& solvent

PSDE Microemulsion system used for both vertical and horizontal wells need remediation which may drilled with high solid oil base mud and has a thick oil base mud filter cake or some others where oil production rate get down due to one of the previous mentioned kind of blockage.

PSDE Microemulsion system can mixed in rig site, pumped and squeezed with normal procedure- no need for special equipments or high percussion as in Acid jobs